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Behind the scenes


 David O Anderson 
Ray Tomas Almonte

Series produced in Buffalo, NY

Directers & DOP

 David O Anderson 
Ray Tomas Almonte


David O Anderson

Unsure of herself or her feelings, Jaylee searches for something to fill the void inside. At the moment she feels some sort of connection, She chases after it. What she finds is not what she expected, but it was what she needed and now, she has a secret to keep. But can she keep it?


November 13th, we are premiering the first 3 episodes of Unusual Attraction, at the Dipson Theater in the Eastern Hills Mall, in Buffalo, NY! You can click the link below, or the poster to get your tickets now! (1).png (1).png

Teaser Trailer for Unusual Attraction


Jaylee is a kind, but shy girl. She could at times come off selfish, but only when something means a lot to her. Watch the show to get twisted into its web!

Sequence 15.00_00_25_17.Still001.bmp

*** Photos are not stills from actual show ***

Amanda Barsi

as Jaylee Smith

unusual attraction


Austin Gallego

as Michael James

Michael really loves Jaylee, but is too afraid to admit it. That does not stop him from doing anything he can to be in her life. He would even go through hell to please her.


Grace Harvey

as Skylar Smith

Skylar is Jaylee's little sister who is such a rebel. She takes charge of any situation she is in. Watch the show and fall into the story as i gets deeper.




Sean Mansfield

as Jeremy Owens

Jeremy is Skylars laid back boyfriend, who sometimes don't know when to shut his mouth. But he does love Skylar, and he makes sure he shows it as much as possible.

unusual attraction

Shanda Gardner Fry

as Ms. Smith

Ms. Smith is very protective over her two daughters Jaylee, and Skylar. While running and keeping up with Smiths Hardware, she does what she can to provide for them both, while also making sure they are always okay. 

Miss Smith.bmp



Hugh Davis

as Richard Dangler

Living by his own rules, Richard takes charge of every situation. After being removed from the BPD he moved on to open up a private investigation office. Now he lives his life, investigating for people who need a P.I.

Sonia Angeli

as Lisa Romello

Lisa Romello is a hopeful young woman who believes hardwork pays off. Eager to impress, she becomes Richard Danglers new partner and tries way to hard to impress him. She finds out that this new partnership is not what she expected.


unusual attraction


Natalie Basisty

as Samantha

Samantha is Jaylee's other best friend aside from Michael. She is the open and fun type, and is always cool and relaxed.


Simba Wedderburn

as Jason Fibbs

Jason is the mysterious man that keeps popping up in Jaylee's life. He is the sole reason Jaylee finds herself in this new lifestyle that she must keep on the low.




Amber Anne

as Meghan

Meghan is Samantha's friend, that seems to get on Jaylee's last nerve. She too is the reason that Jaylee is in this new predicament. 

new series

Shawn Patrick Greene

as Mr. James

Mr. James is Michael's father. He runs his funeral home with help from Michael from time to time.

Mr James.bmp

Behind the scenes

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unusual attraction

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